Registration Form

Terms and conditions of Arabic Classes held by Arabic Academy Malaysia:

The following are the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between Arabic Academy Malaysia and the student/s. The below terms and conditions govern both online classes and face to face classes as the case may be.
1. Class replacements or cancelation:
1.1. Weekly class timetable is fixed. To change weekly timetable, please contact your teacher and/or the Academy’s administration.
1.2. Class replacements or cancelation requests must be arranged at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. Only requests made within this timeframe will be allowed for replacement or cancelation.
1.3. The class replacement suggestion from the student must be approved by the teacher before considered confirmed.
1.4. Notification of class replacement or cancellation of less than 24 hours will result in the class being forfeited. The class is then cannot be replaced or carried forward.
1.5. The number of classes registered needs to be utilised within a timely manner. For the removal of doubt, every 5 classes needs to be utilised within a period of 6 weeks, maximum. The same rate shall be applied if more than 5 classes were purchased.
1.6. The only exclusion of item 1.5. is when a period of long holidays happens to take place within the respective month (e.g.: Hari Raya Eidul Fitiri, Chinese New Year). For a holiday to be considered a long holiday, it must cover at least 3 consecutive working days. Classes not utilised within the agreed upon period will be forfeited.
1.7. Upon the completion of the programme, the Academy can offer a certificate of attendance upon the request of the student. Certificate issuance fee would be applicable.
2. Late arrival/ Show up:
2.1. Please attend class on time. A “no show” is considered if the student does not arrive/ show up within the first 15 minutes of scheduled time. The class will subsequently be cancelled and cannot be replaced or carried forward.
2.2. Please inform your teacher and/or the Academy’s administration as soon as possible if you are arriving late for class. The class will start upon your arrival and will end at the pre-scheduled time.
3. Fees:
3.1. By registering, you agree to pay the course fees in full. The fees paid are non-refundable should the student decides to withdraw from the course.
3.2. Registration fees must be paid upon registration.
3.3. Tuition fees must be paid in full within 3 working days of the notification sent by the Arabic Academy or its representative.
3.4. Certificate issuance fee is applicable if the student chooses to receive one.
4. Other: 4.1. Arabic Academy Malaysia has the right to update the terms and conditions as deemed necessary this includes but not limited to monthly class fees.
4.2. To ensure quality, The Academy has the right to request to send a quality control supervisor to attend the class with the tutor and student. Arrangements shall be done with the student beforehand.
4.3. Not withstanding item 4.2 above, for online classes, by registering in this course, the student/s gives an approval to record the class/es given online for quality assurance purposes.
4.4. Promotional and social media matters: the student/s accept to allow Arabic Academy Malaysia to use a screenshot of his/her online class/es and share it on the web on social medial accounts and other websites for marketing purposes. The screenshots may include, among other things, the photo of the student/s, his/her name, and the content of the class material. Nevertheless, Arabic Academy Malaysia will not share other personal information about the student other than what can be seen in the screenshot without a clear consent of the student.
4.5. Te ensure quality, The tutor has the right to stop the class when 80% of the class's standard duration has finished and the tutor feels that the student is not able to take in any further information. The remaining duration of the class will not be replaced.