Course Packages and Rates

Course Structure

Level Hours Grade Description
Advanced 40 109
The advanced level emphasizes overall reading comprehension, advanced writing skills, translation techniques and continued vocabulary acquisition. In addition to texts introduced for class work and home study, course material may also reflect the individual needs and interests of the advanced student.
Participants who successfully complete this level should possess Arabic skills acceptable for academic or professional use.
Intermediate 40 106
This level emphasizes techniques for reading, research and composition in Arabic, as well as advanced conversational skills.
Audio-visual and published materials are introduced to reinforce listening and reading comprehension. Students gain increased confidence in grammar and syntax and concentrate on expanding their vocabulary base.
At the end of this level, students should be able to speak, read and write confidently on various subjects, including: politics, religion, economics and culture.
Basic 40 103
Learn to read and write using the Arabic alphabet, and acquire the skills needed to conduct simple conversations concerning daily needs.
Students begin building a vocabulary base and are introduced to basic grammar and syntax structures. By the end of level one, students should be able to satisfy routine social demands and limited work requirements.


Package Registration Course Material per Grade No of Students Tuition per Grade Foundational Tuition Fee
INDIVIDUAL RM200.00 RM 50.00 8 RM 800.00 RM 400.00
5 to 7 RM 1,000.00 RM 500.00
3 to 4 RM 1,200.00 RM 600.00
FAMILY / GROUP RM200.00 RM 50.00 Minimum 3 RM900.00(adult)
* Primary school
RM 450.00
PRIVATE RM200.00 RM 50.00 1 / 2 RM2,000.00 / RM1,500.00 RM1,000.00 / RM750.00

Arabic School Tution

Level Registration Tuition Fee per Hour
PRIMARY RM 200.00 RM 40.00
SECONDARY RM 200.00 RM 50.00