Business and Tourism Arabic

With the rapid growing market and business opportunity in the middle east, many businesses are turning there for new opportunities, expansion and development. However one critical factor to the success of ventures to the Arab economy is, the ability to speak their language and a good understanding and practice of their social and business culture.

Business Arabic courses are intended for businesses and professionals who need to learn Arabic to give them the advantage in their jobs. Beginners commonly learn basic business etiquette and greetings, after this reading and then writing become increasingly important.

Our learners typically include people working in international negotiations and acquisitions, import/export, jobseekers in multinational companies who require an additional language, and those working with international teams, governments, academia and other institutions.

For Beginners, all students can usually expect to finish the course with basic e-mail Arabic and Telephone Arabic skills for business communications in addition to the Survival Arabic, invaluable for short visits overseas.

Tourism Arabic is designed for the growing Middle East tourist market in Malaysia. The programme focuses on Arabic Language for local tour managers, hoteliers, guides, service providers and government agencies such as Tourism Malaysia and Immigration. The aim is to give students the ability to converse and communicate effectively to the need of the industry, so as to provide better services for the market.

The programme will also include cross cultural training to give students understanding of Arab culture and customs which are very critical in order to provide the best service to a very demanding market which expects the best in everything.